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OptionType Struct Reference

#include <kallery_def.h>

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Detailed Description

Strutcture describing the options to generate the gallery.

Definition at line 29 of file kallery_def.h.

Public Types

enum  ConvertMode { NoCopyConvert = 0, CopyOnly, Convert, UseExisting }
enum  DescSettings { NoDescriptions = 0, LoadImageInfo, LoadDescriptions, EnterDescriptions }
enum  ImageInfoSettings {
  ImageInfoFileName = 1, ImageInfoFileSize = 2, ImageInfoDimensions = 4, ImageInfoComment = 8,
  ImageInfoShootingDate = 16, ImageInfoExposure = 32
enum  ThumbSettings { NoThumbnails = 0, GenerateThumbnails, LoadThumbnails }

Public Attributes

QString afterHtmlFile
QColor backColor
QString backPic
 Name of the Back picture. Valid if TextButtons == false.
QString backStr
 Valid if TextButtons == true.
QString beforeHtmlFile
int columnNum
ConvertMode convertImages
 convertion settings
QString copyright
QString descFile
QValueList< DescriptiondescList
DescSettings descSetting
 description settings
QString encoding
QString fileName
 The name of the current file.
QString fullFormat
uint fullHeight
QString fullsizeTemplate
 The description of the current fullsize template. This is saved.
QString fullsizeTemplateFile
 The path and name to the template file used for html generation for each image.
uint fullWidth
QString galleryCSSFile
QString galleryFile
QString galleryTemplate
 The description of the current gallery template. This is saved.
QString galleryTemplateFile
 The path and name of the gallery template file.
QString galleryTitle
QColor imageBackColor
QString imageCSSFile
QString imageDestDir
QStringList imageList
QColor imageTextColor
QColor imageVisitedColor
uint infoSetting
bool insertCopyright
bool keepRatio
QString language
QString nextPic
 Name of the Next picture. Valid if TextButtons == false.
QString nextStr
 Valid if TextButtons == true.
bool onlyLarger
QString prevPic
 Name of the Previous picture. Valid if TextButtons == false.
QString prevStr
 Valid if TextButtons == true.
bool printToStdOut
 Print the created file list to stdout or not.
QString projectFileName
 The name of the original project.
uint quality
bool relativePaths
bool resize
QColor tableColor
bool textButtons
 if false, then use pictures for buttons
QColor textColor
QString thumbDestDir
QString thumbFormat
uint thumbHeight
QStringList thumbList
ThumbSettings thumbSetting
 thumbnail settings
uint thumbWidth
bool useFrames
bool useHtmlImages
QColor visitedColor


struct  Description
 Structure for image descriptions. More...

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