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void Kallery::next (  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

Called when the user presses Next. Save the options set on the current page, make a check and if everything is ok, go to the next page.

Definition at line 222 of file kallery.cpp.

References OptionType::LoadThumbnails, KalleryGlobals::options, WizardPageBase::processPage(), KalleryGlobals::ref(), and OptionType::thumbSetting.

Referenced by slotProjectLoaded().

  bool goToNextPage;

  goToNextPage = true;

  WizardPageBase *currentP = dynamic_cast<WizardPageBase*>(currentPage());
  if (currentP)
    goToNextPage = currentP->processPage();

  QWidget *current = currentPage();

  if (goToNextPage)
    /*Skip the thumbnail and image matching page if there were no thumbnails selected */
    if (current->isA("ThumbsSourcePage"))
      setAppropriate(page(indexOf(current) + 1), KalleryGlobals::ref()->options.thumbSetting == OptionType::LoadThumbnails );

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