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KalleryFunctions Class Reference

#include <kalleryfunctions.h>

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Detailed Description

This provides the needed functionality to convert the images, create the html files. It also contains helper methods used by the other classes.

Mantia Andras <amantia@kdewebdev.org>

Definition at line 39 of file kalleryfunctions.h.

Public Slots

void slotProgressCancelled ()

Public Member Functions

bool convertImages (QProgressDialog *progress)
void createHtmls (QProgressDialog *progress)
void deleteFromList (QListBox *listBox, QStringList &itemList, QLabel *label, QValueList< OptionType::Description > *descList)
bool makeAbsolutePath (const QString &baseDir, QString &dir)
bool makeRelativePath (const QString &baseDir, QString &dir)
void moveInListAndBox (QListBox *listBox, QStringList &itemList, QValueList< OptionType::Description > *descList, int delta, int special)
bool openProject (const QString &projectFileName)
bool readDescriptions (const QString &fileName, QValueList< OptionType::Description > &descList)
bool saveProject (const QString &projectFileName)
bool writeDescriptions (const QString &fileName, QValueList< OptionType::Description > &descList)

Static Public Member Functions

static KalleryFunctionsref (QWidget *widget=0L)

Private Member Functions

QString convertEncodingName (const QString &encoding)
void createHtmlForImage (uint imageIndex, const QString &htmlName, const QString &language)
void insertFile (QString &sourceName, QTextStream &destStream)
 KalleryFunctions (QWidget *widget)
OptionType::Description readImageInfo (_Image *source, const QString &fileName)

Private Attributes

bool cancelPressed
 True if the user pressed cancel during the generation.
QWidget * mainWidget
 The main widget of the application, used to display the message boxes.

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